Columns packed with polysaccharide-based chiral stationary phases (CSPs) are considered to be the preferred column type for enantiomeric separations. Due to their broad range applicability, polysaccharide columns provide the best solution for separating compounds with multiple functional groups and structural variations. These chiral columns are made using established manufacturing processes for each unique chiral selector.

Excellent Selectivity

  • Regis' three different polysaccharide columns provide the most effective separation of chiral compounds.
  • Based on a study of 130 chiral compounds performed with the three Regis polysaccharide coated CSPs, 80% of the tested compounds were resolved on either RegisPack®, RegisCell®, or RegisPack® CLA-1.

Faster Method Development

  • The high pressure limit (450 bar) of these columns delivers faster method development and run times without sacrificing resolution and performance.
  • By leveraging the columns' high pressure limit, time is saved for equilibration when switching from one compatible mobile phase to another.

Readily Available

  • RegisPack, RegisCell, and RegisPack CLA-1 pre-packed columns are available in various sizes for analytical and preparative separation of chiral compounds.
  • The three CSPs are available in 3, 5, 10 and 20 µm particle size in all commonly used column sizes. Custom column dimensions are available per agreed specification.
  • Bulk quantity purchases of each CSP can be provided.

SFC and HPLC Columns … The Investment is the Same!

  • RegisPack, RegisCell, and RegisPack CLA-1 columns are packed and tested at high pressures for use with both SFC and HPLC mode.
  • The columns can be used under normal phase, reverse phase, and polar organic solvent conditions.
  • Same price for SFC and HPLC columns.

Free Screening

  • Regis Technologies offers a free screening of your chiral compound.
  • The technical team is committed to finding the chiral separation solution for you!


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