Chiral preparative Separation
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RegisSEP Chiral Separation Services

A superior chiral separations service with cost and time efficiencies

Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) using carbon dioxide has gained acceptance as the method-of-choice in the preparative separation of stereoisomers in racemic mixtures. Although a well-established technology for over 20 years, renewed interest emerged with the recent introduction of high throughput SFC systems required for pharmaceutical applications.

RegisSEP™ Chiral Separations Services is a valuable addition to our chromatographic services. A superior method with cost and time efficiencies, RegisSEP™ offers a nonGMP or GMP compliant chiral separations service with benefits other separation methods cannot provide.

Cost Efficiencies

  • Faster processing time
  • Lower solvent use and waste

Added Value from Regis

  • Free chiral HPLC method screening & assessment process
  • Formal method development and validation if needed
  • Chiral separation capabilities from milligram to kilogram scale
  • Wide range of organic synthesis expertise and equipment if required for further isomer processing or synthesis
  • GMP compliant organization with support services including: Analytical Method Development, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Stability, and Project Management
  • Decades of chiral separation expertise from a recognized chiral column manufacturer
  • Located at Regis' main facility in Morton Grove, IL