Analyst of the Year 2017


Congratulations to Taylor Francis for receiving the Analyst of the Year Award for 2017. Taylor is one of Regis’ promising young chemists working in Quality Control.

Taylor has worked for Regis for eight years. She started as an intern in 2009 while attending Loyola Academy. She worked part-time during breaks from college. She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2016 with a bachelors of science in anthropology and a minor in biology. Then, she earned her master’s degree from Northwestern University in 2017 in health communication. Taylor plans to attend medical school in 2019 to become a doctor.
QC management selected her for this award because of her outstanding performance. Since joining Regis as a fulltime employee in 2016, her talent has grown at an accelerated pace. In 2017, she received the lowest Non-Conformance with Human Errors score. She consistently exceeds expectations and executes her daily tasks without questions. 
Taylor is an exceptional individual. She enjoys reading, playing video games, dancing, traveling, and playing trivia. Her work ethic and dedication to customer service earned her the respect of all of her coworkers in Quality Control. 
Regis is lucky to have her on its team and is proud to recognize her as Analyst of the Year 2017.