Meet Ed


Regis Technologies is excited to announce its newest member of the Chromatography team, Dr. Edward G. Franklin. 

Ed is joining Regis in a newly created role of Chromatography Applications Scientist. He will focus on new product development and developing more technical resources for our current product line. 
Ed comes to Regis from Pennsylvania. He grew up in Pittsburgh and received his undergraduate degree in biochemistry and master’s degree in forensic science and law from Duquesne University. However, during his studies, he realized he wanted to pursue further education in analytical chemistry.
So, he moved to North Carolina, where he entered the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s doctorate program. While there, he fell in love with chromatography and earned his Ph.D. with a dissertation on the “Utilization of Long Columns Packed with Sub-2 μm Particles Operated at High Pressures and Elevated Temperatures for High-Efficiency One-Dimensional Liquid Chromatographic Separations.”
Ed then worked at Restek Corporation for five years as a Product Development Chemist. He developed new chromatography products and focused on applications for HPLC, sample preparation, and GC phase discovery.
We are excited to welcome Ed to Regis and Chicago. He has visited the city several times but is now enjoying discovering the things that make the second city so great. Almost every Regis employee has given him suggestions on the hot dog and pizza places, museums, and tourist spots he has to experience. He has already found some favorites in his first few weeks as a Chicago resident, but he is adamant about one thing: he’ll be a Pirates fan forever.