Meet Ethyl


Meet Ethyl. Ethyl Pyridine. 

If you are attending Pittcon™ 2018, Regis invites you to its booth (1752) on Tuesday afternoon to meet the newest member of its team, Ethyl Pyridine. Live and in person, Ethyl will introduce Pittcon attendees to Regis’s newest line of chromatography columns, Celeris™ achiral SFC columns
With over 50 years experience in creating chromatography products, Regis is proud to deliver columns that provide similar or better separation than competitor columns at a fraction of their cost.
Learn why from Ethyl herself. Visit booth 1752 on Tuesday, February 27th, between 1:30pm and 3:30pm for her sage advice on:

How to be both penny-wise and dollar-smart: The Celeris family of achiral stationary phases has been specifically designed for SFC separations, delivering high capacity, broad selectivity, excellent peak shapes, and reproducible performance over long column lifetimes. Celeris high performance phases provide rapid separation and recovery of purified components at a lower price than competitor offerings, enabling use of larger column sizes to reduce the number of purification cycles required to achieve purity of the batch. 
The value of hard work: Ethyl pyridine phases are the workhorse phases for preparative and process scale SFC purifications. Celeris 2EP (2-ethyl pyridine) and 4EP (4-ethyl pyridine) media is designed to be highly reproducible based on tight product specifications and low metal content. 
Keeping good company: Launching at Pittcon are three more phases: Amino, PEI, and Arginine. Learn about Ethyl’s bridge partners, Amy, Polly, and Marge. These phases offer different selectivities than the ethyl pyridine phases while still offering the performance and savings associated with Celeris™ media.
Never letting your guests leave empty handed: Join us for special giveaways and enter to win a free Celeris column. Every guest can grab a goodie from Ethyl herself, and one lucky winner will win a free analytical 2EP or 4EP column to see the difference Celeris can make in his/her lab.
Ethyl looks forward to your company!
Learn more about Regis’ Celeris achiral SFC columns all week from Regis’ technical representatives at the show and here on our website.