Meet George


George Acevedo runs Regis’ maintenance and facilities and is our 2017 President’s Award Winner.

George came to Regis in 2000 from a manufacturing plant for conveyor systems, where he was a mechanical technician for 12 years. After working with motors and transmission boxes for 12 years, he needed something more challenging.
He joined our production department as a finishing technician. However, knowing of George’s mechanical skills, our Director of Engineering often asked him for help throughout our facilities. In 2001, he offered George a full-time position working for him. 
Since then, George has been the cornerstone of Regis maintenance. He likes working with his hands, learning about the complex equipment, and, most importantly, that every day brings new challenges. He loves that he is always busy and the satisfaction he gets from solving each problem and the kind smile and thank you from whomever he fixed it for.
Every department relies on George. Our team gave him a standing ovation when President Louis Glunz revealed him as the 2017 recipient at our Christmas dinner (read about that speech here). Each employee has had something to thank George for, and we all appreciate how quickly, efficiently, and cheerfully he responds to our requests. 
George was surprised and humbled to win the award. He never thought he would be chosen and was overwhelmed by it. He deeply appreciates the opportunity to work for Regis and the Glunz family.