President's Award Winner 2017


Regis' President, Louis Glunz IV, was honored to present George Acevedo with the 2017 President's award. Opening the company's Christmas celebration dinner last month, he presented the award with a speech recognizing George's accomplishments.

In 2000, George Acevedo joined Regis. His dedication brought the job to a new level. George’s work ethic and knowledge has allowed the maintenance department to remain lean even as Regis has grown over many years.  George takes on all assignments with a cheerful attitude. 
In 2017, George has worked numerous weekends to replace over 120 light fixtures with LED fixtures which will save over $4,000 per year in electric costs. He rebuilt the drum room ceiling with no interruption to GMP operations. 
George has also spearheaded the warehouse reorganization effort which included relocation of the maintenance shop, segregation of obsolete equipment and disposal of ~150 cubic yards of ‘junk’( 5 x 30 yard dumpsters).  Also, he took down the old heaters and the curtains.  
Congratulations, George!

Learn more about George here.