Regis Installs Nexera UC SFC/HPLC


In developing chromatographic methods, it can be useful to systematically screen many column chemistries in combination with several mobile phase systems in order to find the optimum separation conditions. Often, labs will have dedicated instrumentation for normal phase (NPLC), reversed-phase (RPLC), and supercritical fluid (SFC) workflows. Regis is happy to announce the arrival and installation of a Shimadzu Nexera UC SFC/HPLC instrument capable of automatically and rapidly switching between all of these modes.

The system consists of a CO2 pump, two LC-30AD solvent delivery modules, an autosampler, a column oven equipped with 6-column switching valves, a UV/vis detector, and a backpressure regulator. The UHPLC pumps are capable of delivering a wide range of flow rates at up to 130 MPa (19,000 psi), allowing for high-resolution analyses using long columns packed with sub-2 µm particles. One of the UHPLC pumps is equipped with a low-pressure gradient unit which allows for solvent selection and blending of up to four modifiers for effective method screening in both SFC and HPLC modes.

Having all of these capabilities available on a single, user-friendly platform is extremely beneficial and improves Regis’ ability to provide its customers with top-notch application notes and screening services.

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