BSTFA +10% TMCS-Regisil®

Category: Silylation Reagents
CAS # : 25561-30-2; 75-77-4
Chemical Name: Bis(trimethylsilyl)trifluoroacetamide + 10% Trimethylchlorosilane

BSTFA reacts faster and more completely than BSA, due to the trifluoroacetamide leaving group. The high volatility of BSFTA and its byproducts results in non-co-elution of early eluting peaks. Additionally, the highly volatile and stable products result in low detector noise and fouling. Addition of TMCS to BSTFA catalyzes reactions of hindered functional groups and other difficult functionalities, such as secondary hydroxyls and amines.

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Use: Silylation Reagent for GC
Appearance: Clear, colorless liquid
BP: 147ºC (296ºF)
MF: C8H18F3NOSi2 + (CH3)2SiCl
FW: 257.40 g/mol (BSTFA) + 108.66 g/mol (TMCS)
Specific Gravity (H2O = 1.0): 1.028
Suggested Storage Conditions: Store in closed vessel in an area suitable for flammable liquids. Store vessel in a cool dry place with adequate ventilation.