Purity is a Key Ingredient
Purity is of key importance in the manufacture of our Ion Pair Reagents. Regis' S-Series products are synthesized in accordance with the industry's highest quality standards, resulting in exceptional purity and integrity.

How to Select a Regis Ion Pair Reagent for Method Development
To choose the proper reagent, alkyl chain lengths must be taken into consideration. The chain lengths enable selective separation of the analyte. The longer the chain, the more hydrophobic the counterion, and therefore, greater the retention.

The following are guidelines to developing a successful method using Regis' ion pair reagents:

  1. Select a column -- encapped ODS (octadecylsilyl) is most common.
  2. Use only HPLC-grade water and chromatography grade reagents in mobile phase preparation.
  3. Choose the mobile phase components and concentrations that give the best separation.
  4. If nonionic components are present in the sample, optimize the resolution prior to attempting ionic separations.
  5. Select the appropriate ion pair series to provide the necessary counterion. Use the S-series for basic compounds.
  6. Through a process of elimination, choose the alkyl chain length that results in the best separation.
  7. Once the reagent has been selected, adjust the pH of the mobile phase to maximize resolution. Make all adjustments in small increments and monitor carefully because slight modification of pH can profoundly affect retention and selectivity. Ideally, the ion pair reagent concentration in the mobile phase should be 0.005 M. However, small adjustments in reagent concentration may increase retention slightly and optimize the separation.

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