AZYP Chiral Columns

AZYP chiral phase chemistries offer a wide range of selectivities for your most challenging chiral separations. All phases are bonded to 2.7μm superficially porous particles for faster, highly efficient separations.

  • Complementary selectivity to polysaccharide and brush-type chiral phases
  • Fast chiral screening and method development
  • Narrow peak widths improve sensitivity and resolution
  • Compatible with a broad range of solvents for NPLC, RPLC and SFC

What is Core-shell Technology?

Core-shell (superficially porous particles) have a solid silica core, enveloped by a homogenous porous shell. This reduces band broadening and improves efficiency, largely due to more rapid analyte mass transfer – from the mobile phase through the stationary phase and back again. This is because diffusion only occurs in the porous, outer layer of the particle rather than the entire particle. The result is reduced analysis times and higher column efficiencies without generating extreme back-pressures.

AZYP Phase Characteristics