Free Chiral Screening

One of the biggest challenges is finding the best column for separating chiral compounds of various types, as there is no universal chiral stationary phase and predicting which chiral stationary phase will provide the best separation is difficult. Therefore, screening of multiple columns is often needed to find the right column that provides good separation.

Let us find the best column and method for your compound! A Regis chiral separations expert will develop a chiral separation method tailored to your analytical or preparative separation project, usually within 3 days.

Get Results in 3 Days

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  1. Execute a CDA, if desired. Regis has a premade template to assist with this step.
  2. Complete a sample submission form, which includes health and safety information for your compound.
  3. Submit a small amount of sample for screening. Regis will screen your sample across our full range of chiral stationary phases. Results are typically returned within 3 business days.

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How to Get

Results in 3 Days

  1. Submit a small amount (~20 mg) of your material with a sample submission form.
  2. Regis will screen your sample against our 13 chiral stationary phases under normal HPLC or SFC mobile phases to identify a chiral column and method suitable for your separation needs. If a preparative SFC separation is required, Regis will also screen your material in its extended chiral column library.
  3. Results are typically returned within 3 business days.
A Simple Process

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The process is simple and includes completing a confidentiality agreement (if desired), our Chiral Screen Submission form, an Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) form, and sending your compound to Regis.

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