CELERIS™ Ethyl Pyridine

Ethyl pyridine phases are the workhorse phases for preparative and process scale SFC purifications. CELERIS™ 2EP (2-ethyl pyridine) and 4EP (4-ethyl pyridine) media is designed to be highly reproducible based on tight product specifications and low metal content. CELERIS™ 2EP is especially well-suited for separation of acidic compounds and exhibits broad selectivity towards a variety of other compound types. The CELERIS™ 4EP phase offers alternate selectivity to the 2EP phase. CELERIS™ 2EP and 4EP SFC columns deliver high performance separations comparable to competing ethyl pyridine phases at a much lower price.

CELERIS™ ethyl pyridine phases provide similar or better separation than competing EP phases

1: Ibuprofen 2: Aspirin 3: Ketoprofen 4: Indomethacin 5: Diclofenac 6: Sulindac Column Dimensions: 15 cm x 4.6 mm, 5 µm; Mobile Phase: CO2/CH3OH (80/20); Flow Rate: 3.20 mL/min; Temperature: 40° C; Pressure: 125 bar; Detection: UV 230 nm

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