ChiroSil® Chiral Columns

The ChiroSil® phase is prepared by a covalent trifunctional bonding of (+) or (-)-(18-Crown-6)-tetracarboxylic acid as the chiral selector. This phase is an excellent choice for the separation of amino acids and compounds containing primary amines. This chiral stationary phase is highly durable, has universal solvent compatibility, and has the ability to invert elution order of enantiomers by switching columns. In the case of amino acids, most L-enantiomers elute first on the ChiroSil® RCA(+) and D-enantiomers elute first on the ChiroSi®l SCA(-) column.

In general, the separation factors and resolution factors for analytes on ChiroSil® are greater than on ChiroSil® ME, while capacity factors on ChiroSil® ME are greater than on ChiroSil®.

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