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In 1980, Regis Technologies along with Professor William Pirkle of the University of Illinois, introduced the Pirkle Chiral Stationary Phase (CSP). Today Regis manufactures nine Pirkle Chiral Stationary Phases in analytical and preparative sizes and in bulk material.

Wide Range of Enantiomer Separations
Pirkle Chiral Stationary Phase separate a wide variety of enantiomers in numerous compound groups. Examples are:

  • Aryl Propionic Acid Non-Sterodial Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Agricultural Compounds
  • Natural Products
  • ß-Blockers
  • Many other pharmaceuticals.

Excellent Column Durability
The covalently bonding to the silicia, assures the columns are long lasting, unlike their coated preparative column counterparts because non-covalent coatings can leach off. Covalent bonding offers an added benefit for preparative columns. Additionally columns have the capacity to tolerate sample overload.

Ability to Invert Elution Order
By using Pirkle CSPs in the opposite absolute configuration, you can invert the elution order so that trace enantiomers elute before the major ones. This feature is extremely desirable for enantiomeric purity determinations.

Analytical and Preparative-Sized Columns
Manufactured on-site, we can pack special or custom-sized columns quickly and easily.

Universal Solvent Compatibility

  • Compatible with most mobile phases with a pH between 2.5 and 7.5
  • Use in both normal-phase and reversed-phase modes
  • The classic mobile phase for normal-phase separations is a binary or ternary mixture of a hydrocarbon and a modifier, usually an aliphatic alcohol
  • Typical uncharged organic modifiers include ethanol, isopropanol and butanol
  • Under reversed-phase conditions, water-alcohol mixtures, or aqueous phosphate buffers with charged organic modifiers can also be employed
  • The separation of enantiomers on Pirkle CSPs using super critical fluid chromatography (SFC), which utilizes carbon dioxide, is now proven


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