Analyst of the Year 2018


Congratulations to Michael Kruk for receiving the Analyst of the Year Award for 2018. 

Michael is an alumnus of Northeastern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. He has industry experience via an internship program at Abbvie & Abbott Labs. As an interning chemist there, he received the Silver Award for outstanding and lasting contribution for lab safety and cleanup. Michael has also held various positions at Walgreens, including certified pharmacy technician, where he was frequently recognized for outstanding customer service. He joined the Regis team in 2016.
Quality Control (QC) management selected Michael for this award because of his outstanding performance in the lab. Since joining Regis, he has become a strong team member showcasing his talent and confidence in the lab. Michael adheres to our Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) environment with ease and often provides feedback to improve laboratory safety. Michael was the chosen QC member for a validation team and quickly became knowledgeable about the project and successfully provided QC support without analyst error nor nonconformances. He is committed to learning as much as he can and is willing to help his peers. 
Michael is a wonderful individual. Outside of Regis, Michael enjoys playing the drums, brewing his own beer, and working on cars. He plans to visit all the national parks in the US in a Shelby GT mustang. His work ethic, dedication to learning, and amiability  earned the respect of all his coworkers in Quality Control. 
Regis is lucky to have him on its team and is proud to recognize him as Analyst of the Year 2018!