Biggest Losers Win Big at Regis


Over the past three years, Regis employees have collectively lost hundreds of pounds by participating in our Biggest Loser contests. 

This summer, we finished our fifth season. Four teams competed, and the winning team lost 5% of its initial body weight. The contest was started from an employee suggestion and supports an ongoing wellness initiative.

Here’s why the contest works so well for our employees:
· Anonymity: We weigh in as a team on our shipping scale so no one knows an individual’s weight or progress

· Accountability: Having accountability to your teammates adds motivation; one of this season’s winning teammates says, “Being more health conscious and changing to healthier eating habits isn’t so hard when you have a team of people helping you”

· A Motivational Grand Prize: Each member of the winning team earns $50 cash at the final weigh in

Our staff loves this contest and regularly requests it. With five rounds underway, here are our tips on how to do it with your group:

· Choose a timeline of 8-10 weeks to keep people invested the whole time as well as provide enough time to see progress

· Open the contest to everyone with a signup sheet in a common location at least three weeks before the initial weigh in

· Appoint a contest coordinator who can group contestants into teams of 3-4 people from different departments for the bonus benefit of interdepartmental team building (it is difficult for more than four people to find time to weigh in together weekly)

· Have teams come up with their own names; a few of our favorites have been “The Slimsons,” “Flabulous,” and “The Flabtastic Four”

· Offer a healthy lunch to celebrate after the final weigh in

· Place a tracking board near the shipping scale so teams can track their weekly progress for inspiration and intimidation

We do not eliminate any teams throughout the contest. There are initial weigh in and final weigh in ceremonies that everyone must attend and the contest coordinator witnesses. Teams weigh in on their own schedule during the middle weeks to make it easiest for everyone.

At the final weigh in, the team with the greatest percentage lost wins the cash prize and immortal team recognition on our Biggest Loser plaque hung up in the company lunch room.

Ultimately, everyone wins because people feel healthier and have bonded with new coworkers over the competition. We encourage you to try it. Feel free to reach out to our contest coordinator, Kristine Biederer, with any questions.