Potent Compound Initiative Underway


Regis’ Potent Compound Initiative is proceeding along well. Our Analytical Team underwent training last week on how to handle potent compounds with OEL’s (occupational exposure limit) down to 0.05 micrograms/m3 safely in the analytical labs. The Potent Compound Suite is expected to be commissioned at the end of the year, and it is important that our Analytical Team, especially QC, is ready to receive potent compound samples for analyses.

At the training, our Process Engineering Manager and QC Director focused on understanding how to minimize containment risks. It is a top priority at Regis that the chemists working with these compounds keep themselves and their colleagues safe. Thus, use of laminar flow hoods, ventilated balance enclosures, hybrid isolators, personal protective equipment, and specialized lab techniques were discussed throughout the training.

A consultant with 10 years of experience with potent compounds was brought in to assist. He and a member of our Analytical Method Development team led the practical part of the training and walked the team through their new standard operating procedure. Working with a benign compound and water, they were able to go through every step of the procedure: sample submission, sample preparation, sample analysis, and waste disposal.

An interactive environment was encouraged by both the QC Director and CEO. So throughout the training, the analytical team asked questions. By keeping a conversation going, they made sure they knew the “why” for every “how.”

From the team to our management, everyone at Regis is excited for the new capabilities the potent compound suite will bring. You can read more about the potent compound suite and see pictures of the equipment here.


If you are looking for development of your potent compound, please contact us anytime.