Reflect™ Immobilized

Reflect polysaccharide immobilized chiral columns are made using a unique production process of immobilizing the chiral selector on high purity silica gel. Immobilizing the selector improves the stability of the chiral phase and broadens the range of mobile phase options.

  • Rugged, immobilized phase for long column lifetimes
  • High-efficiency media with excellent peak shape and loading capacity
  • Compatible with a broad range of solvents and separation modes (NP, RP, Polar Organic, SFC)
  • Fully scalable from 3-20 μm

Test suitability for your compound with our free chiral screening service, or try one of our immobilized phases at no risk with our Reflect Guarantee.

The Reflect Guarantee: If an analytical column (≤4.6mm ID) does not provide at least equivalent or better separation as compared to a competing column of the same particle size, phase type, and dimensions, return the column within 45 days for a full refund.

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