3.0 N HCl in n-Butanol

Category: Alkylation Reagents
CAS # : 7647-01-0
Chemical Name: 3N Hydrochloric Acid in Butan-1-ol

3N HCl in n-Butanol is required for newborn screening for metabolic disorders. Neonatal screening, which has become a standard procedure in many countries, measures amino acids and acylcarnitines from a single drop of blood. Blood concentration of one or several of these compounds is either abnormally high or low in a variety of metabolic disorders in newborns. Derivatization with 3N HCl in n-Butanol ensures butylation of the carboxyl acid group of the analyte and formation of butyl ester, which forces ionization or makes charging of the analytes more efficient. Although direct analysis of extracted acycarnitine without derivatization is possible, according to different reports, butylesterification is superior with regard to sensitivity and specificity.

3 N HCl in n-Butanol from Regis Technologies is manufactured under cGMP protocols to assure the highest quality and lot-to-lot consistency for this reagent. Each lot is tested by tandem mass spectrometry to ensure absence of contaminants which may interfere with analysis.

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Use: Alkylation Reagent for GC
Appearance: Colorless to light yellow liquid
BP: 117-118ºC (242-243ºF) (BuOH)
MF: HCl + C4H10O
FW: 36.46 g/mol (HCl); 74.12 g/mol (n-BuOH)
Specific Gravity (H2O = 1.0): 0.890
Suggested Storage Conditions: Store in a cool, dry place with adequate ventilation and suitable for flammable corrosives.