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Regis Technologies has been a recognized manufacturer of innovative consumables for the separation scientist since 1966. Our products included packed columns in sizes from analytical to preparative, bulk media for chiral and achiral separations, and specialty columns and reagents. Our line of Reflect™ line of Immobilized and Coated Polysaccharide chiral columns are reliable columns for an affordable price. We are the exclusive manufacturer of Pirkle-Type chiral stationary phases (CSPs) for analytical to preparative scale separations, including the immensely popularWhelk-O® 1 phase, and we offer a free chiral screening service to identify the best column for each separation. Learn more about our LC columns, Celeris™ achiral SFC columns, innovative IAM HPLC columns for rapid biomimetic screening of drug-membrane affinity, and our complete line of specialty reagents.

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Regis Chromatography employs dedicated applications scientists to help solve your separation issues. Our experienced team has several years of experience in chromatography research and HPLC and SFC method development with Regis' line of chromatography products.

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