EVOKE™ C18 Columns

Regis Technologies' line of C18 columns, optimized for high efficiency separations and excellent column to column reproducibility, improves productivity and solves complex separation challenges. EVOKE™ C18 columns are packed with high purity silica and endcapped using a unique gas-phase technology. Gas-phase endcapping leads to improved surface coverage, shielding acidic silanol groups for a highly inert, hydrophobic surface that results in excellent separation kinetics and provides unique selectivity in comparison to other C18 phases. Additionally, it allows the use of higher concentrations of organic mobile phase for greater sensitivity by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry and improved loading capacity for preparative applications.

High efficiency separations can be achieved on fully porous particles, ranging from 1.8 μm (analytical scale) to greater than 20 μm (process scale purifications). Our most popular column sizes are stocked for immediate delivery.

Scalable Separations across a Wide Range of Particle Sizes
EVOKE™ C18 van deemter plot shows scalable separations across a wide range of particle sizes.

Download our poster showing a method for separating 17 cannabinoids.

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